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Banks, Attorneys, Realtors & CPAs 

If you believe it makes good sense to do business with GoodWorks Insurance, imagine how valuable a partnership could be? In fact, we want to develop mutually beneficial relationships with organizations that help introduce the unique benefits of GoodWorks Insurance to potential customers. 

Why might for-profit organizations of all kinds want to be associated with GoodWorks Insurance? Well, if not for the support of good works in their communities then because we also offer a means of attracting more customers, the benefit of favorable advertising and PR, and the opportunity to leverage existing assets to earn additional income. 

Most leads for homeowners insurance are initially developed when a home is purchased. An individual or family relocates and the secondary market for mortgages requires the buyer to have homeowners insurance. Where does the new homeowner turn for advice to find an insurance agent? In most cases, where they have their strongest local relationship...either a banker, an attorney or a realtor.

And our strong focus on commercial insurance opens up a vast potential for referrals from CPAs, Banks and Attorneys focused on commercial business and also interested in furthering their ties to local communities through wide-ranging opportunities such as cross-referrals, GoodWorks managed joint ventures, and bundling of products or services.

If your business has the potential to develop insurance referrals, then GoodWorks Insurance would like to discuss partnership arrangements with you. There is a world of unexplored possibilities for those committed to a more educated, healthier, and safer community. If you have an interest in discussing potential business connections with GoodWorks Insurance, then email us or call us at the location most convenient to you.





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