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for OUR NON-PROFIT partners

If you believe it makes good sense to do business with GoodWorks Insurance, imagine how valuable a partnership could be? In fact, we want to develop mutually beneficial relationships with organizations that help introduce the unique benefits of GoodWorks Insurance to potential customers. 

Why might non-profit organizations of all kinds want to be associated with GoodWorks Insurance? Well, if not for the support of good works in their communities then because we also offer a means of attracting more customers, the benefit of favorable advertising and the opportunity to leverage existing assets and earn additional income. 

Whether you are an educational foundation, a local ambulance association, a museum, a community center, or a public or private school - GoodWorks Insurance wants to work with you!   We might be able to donate to your worthy cause or work together to jointly offer our products and services to your members, donors, employees, alumni or faculty. And as a specialist in non-profit insurance, we can provide the coverage your institution needs, while you can feel good about doing business with a company committed to non-profits and charitable giving on a scale rarely seen in a for-profit company.


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