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"No question about it, the outstanding employees at GoodWorks Insurance understand the fuel oil business! When I received a flier highlighting their fuel oil program, I was skeptical. Being they were located over 50 miles from me, what kind of service was I going to get? Ten-plus years and going stronger, [the GoodWorks] team have helped my business expansion plans grow, with quality knowledge and service, that let me tend to my business, knowing that GoodWorks is behind me 24/7." - Jim Kerigan, Kerigan's Fuel

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We are pleased to announce the availability of what we believe to be the strongest program targeted to fuel marketers offered in the Northeast.  GoodWorks Insurance has been a leader and specialist in the fuel oil dealer market for decades, and we directly represent nearly every carrier participating the fuel dealer marketplace.  We operate on a regional, national and international basis, insuring clients both large and small - meaning we have the experience to deliver a program that includes coverage enhancements that are targeted at the specialized needs of your business, while ensuring that year in and year out you always receive a comptetive price.

 Exclusive Sponsorship From CEMA / ICPA

In a competitive process, GoodWorks Insurance recently won an exclusive sponsorship for our fuel marketers insurance program from the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association (CEMA), formerly known as the Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association (ICPA).  This important position, most recently held by Willis Group, further establishes GoodWorks as the premier independent provider of insurance coverage to fuel marketers throughout the Northeast.

For more information, please contact:

Paul Brian, COO:  (860) 633- 0241 x111
Neil Scranton, President:  (860) 633-0241 x107



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