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Life Insurance

Life insurance is a crucial step in planning for your future and your family’s future. It can fulfill promises and obligations to your family if you are no longer living. The death benefit is income-tax free and can be used to cover funeral expenses, repay debt, provide education, pay estate taxes or any other expenses your survivors may incur.

Life insurance may also be used to help ensure that a family business will pass to your intended survivor. There are also benefits to certain types of life insurance plans during your lifetime.

Here at GoodWorks we understand that life can take unexpected twists and turns that can impact your family for the rest of their lives.   Purchasing life insurance gives you the peace of mind knowing that  life insurance will provide economic security to your dependents  in the event of your passing. Our life insurance brokers will meet with you to discuss various types of life insurance policies that may be right for you depending on your individual family and financial circumstances.

Term Life Insurance

Permanent or Whole Life Insurance

Benefits of Life Insurance

Life insurance provides money directly to your beneficiaries.  They can use the money for whatever they want, or need:

  • Make up for your lost income
  • Pay off your mortgage
  • Final/Funeral Expenses
  • College Funding
  • Estate Planning
  • Pay off household debt

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